Diogo de Campos Moreno

Diogo de Campos Moreno, an essential figure in the first two decades of the 17th century in Portuguese America, was Sargento Mor of Brazil. He was born in 1566 in Tangiers or Ilha Terceira. Hélio Viana affirms that his North African origin is more probable, since he makes some allusions to this region at the beginning of the Livro da Razão and because his nephew Luís de Guevara was also from there (Vianna, 1955: 40).

Duarte de Albuquerque Coelho

An important figure in the history of the captaincy of Pernambuco, fourth capitão donatário Pernambuco Duarte de Albuquerque Coelho lived at the court of Philip IV in Madrid and participated in major events in Brazil, such as the recovery of Bahia (1624) and the fight against the Dutch in his captaincy (1630-1639).