Manoel Vaz Pereira

Physician of Portuguese origin. He studied at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Évora and at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Salamanca. Bachelor of Medicine in 1600, by de University of Salamanca. Major Physician of the Bahia’s Prison and Physician of the city of Olinda.

Manoel da Paz

Merchant of Portuguese origin. He developed his business in both Asia and Brazil, using his accumulated capital to become involved in the affairs of the Crown of Castile. In this way, he became one of Philip IV’s main financiers, standing out as an example of the close interrelation between the commercial circuits of the Iberian Atlantic and the Carreira da Índia.

Manuel Vandale (Van Dale)

Date of birth: second half of the 16th century Date of death: first half of the 17th century Dutch merchant who visited Portuguese America on several occasions. His activity took place mostly in São Vicente, where he acted as merchant, but he developed other activities in Salvador, where his in-laws lived. Link to BRASILHIS Database: …
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