Georg Marcgraf (Markgraf or Marcgrave)

Place and date of birth: Liebstadt, Germany, 1610  Place and date of death: Angola, 1644 An astronomer, cartographer and naturalist, he was in Brazil between 1638 and 1644. He participated in 7 expeditions that allowed him to carry out a detailed topographic survey between 1640 and 1642. And, after his death in 1644, the WIC …
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João Nunes Saraiva

Date of birth: Second half of the 17th century, Trancoso (Bahia) Date of death: Unknown Merchant, banker. Link to BRASILHIS Database: New Christian merchant of Portuguese origin. He conducted his business in several areas of the Hispanic Monarchy, such as Brazil, Castile and Asia, and the prosperity of his enterprises made him one of …
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Luís Antunes

Birth: 1555, Évora. Apothecary. Link to BRASILHIS Database: Apothecary of Portuguese origin. He worked and lived in the city of Olinda, in Captaincy of Pernambuco. His apothecary shop and dwelling were located in front of the town’s Misericórdia. He also worked as a trader and sugar loader. The apothecary Luís Antunes, a new Christian, …
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Fadrique de Toledo Osorio

Fadrique de Toledo Osorio, also known as Fadrique de Toledo, was a Spanish military officer and admiral, Captain General of the Navy of the Ocean Sea and of the People of Portugal, famed after leading the fleet that reconquered Salvador de Bahia in 1625 after eleven months of Dutch occupation.

Manoel Vaz Pereira

Physician of Portuguese origin. He studied at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Évora and at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Salamanca. Bachelor of Medicine in 1600, by de University of Salamanca. Major Physician of the Bahia’s Prison and Physician of the city of Olinda.

Baltasar Teixeira

Surgeon of Portuguese origin. Lived and worked in the city of Lisbon and in the village of Amarante. He was a Mayor Surgeon of the Navy, had fought and practiced his profession in Brazil on several occasions. He belonged to the Holy Office of Inquisition, in Lisbon.

Coutinho brothers: Gonçalo Vaz Coutinho; João Rodrigues Coutinho; Manuel de Sousa Coutinho (Frei Luís de Sousa)

The journey of the Coutinho brothers reveals a family strategy where trade and services provided overseas became an important factor for social ascension. The brothers consolidated the connections between the Iberian Peninsula and overseas spaces and inaugurated the phase of Atlantic complementarity. The slave trade was a factor in the enrichment and construction of social …
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Salvador Correa de Sá e Benevides, the young man

Date of birth: 1602, Cádiz Date of death: 1686, Lisboa Governor of Rio de Janeiro and the Southern Partition. Link to BRASILHIS Database: Salvador Correa de Sá e Benevides was a key figure in the early years of the colonisation of Rio de Janeiro. A member of the powerful Correa de Sá family, he …
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